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It’s all about the roast right now!


We just wanted to let those of you who don’t already know- you can always get a proper, home cooked roast with us here at The Queen’s Royal every day of the week!  Also, on weekend nights, Sunday’s and busier days you can help yourself to as much as you like from our renowned carvery!


We do have a very loyal customer base, but those of you who have never been to visit us before have hinted they thought of us as a hotel open to residents only, and because of the grandeur of the building have assumed that we’re quite expensive too- how far from the truth….


The truth? We’re just a local family run independent restaurant and bar (The Stage Door Tap on Waterloo Road) providing honest, home cooked food with fresh ingredients at very reasonable prices. The Stage Door Tap boasts an array of ever changing cask ales and premium lagers and was voted as runner up for CAMRA’s best pub on the Wirral last year.  But it’s not just about the beer, we open our doors to people who simply want to come for a coffee and a catch up.


The food? We have a very British menu with a good selection of the nation’s favourite dishes with good vegetarian options and a popular children’s menu, but let’s face it- we’re all mad about the roast!


Many of our customers describe our roast as the ‘real deal’, just like mum’s!! Apart from using all freshest of vegetables and finest slow roasted meats, people rave about our Yorkshire puddings and our delicious ‘real’ gravy and we’re often asked what the secret to our gravy is.  So we thought we’d give you a little treat to whet your appetite and share our recipe for ‘real gravy’ with you.


One of the key factors is time, and you really need to put your heart and soul into in to make it the best- here goes....


Gravy fit for a Queen:


Bones: Beef, preferably marrow bones- we always have plenty of bones available from the carvery, but you can ask your friendly butcher!  These need to be roasted in the oven until nice and brown (nearly black).

Then, place in a huge stock pot with water and a mixture of vegetables, the more the better (we suggest onion, celery and carrots as a good starting point)

Simmer: Next, bring to the boil and leave to simmer for approximately 4 hours.  Then add beef and vegetable bouillon and allow to simmer for another hour.  Also, if you have any meat juices add them now (no fat).

Pour the liquid into another pan through a sieve, then back on the stove.

To thicken: mix the flour and butter together to make a roux and add this to the gravy, whisking vigorously to avoid the lumps.  Once you have the desired thickness, add some gravy browning to colour.  Hey presto… The Queen’s ‘real’ gravy!


If, like so many of us you simply haven’t got the time in today’s busy lifestyle, let us do all the hard work for you and come along to the enjoy the full experience with us on the waterfront… we hope to see you soon!


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